From disability to visibility

This project aims to provide living platform with exceptional results, the living methods of learning and empowering children with special abilities to feel free and worthy. Above all, we want to embrace everyone who need support to express their talent. Every one must turn the light for others to make them shine! Sometimes this world living in small activities that we organize in small places without support of big world, but with big gratefulness get to know and cooperate with the great people and rightone partners

Erasmus Project Coordinator: Aleksandra Vukovic Kurdulic, Primary School Sveti Sava Sabac, Serbia
Key Action: Partnerships for cooperation and exchanges of practices
Action Type: Small-scale partnerships in school education

From disability to visibility and excluded pupils due to any cause to active involvement and real inclusion concerning disability as different way of possibility.

Our Achievement is reflected in everyone’s mind who have been involved in this project and true important is share our story with every interested school – that the every DISABILITY IS JUST DIFFERENT POSSIBILITY! Every participant, young or adult is gain beautiful experience which is telling that is no cultural differences between languages when art expression coming on the way regardless who is the painter.We expect achieve 80% of all ours objectives and to make strong path for the good future

Despite the introduction of inclusion in the education system, there are still problems with the social inclusion of children with developmental disabilities in regular social flows. Despite great efforts, this group is still subject to segregation, and accordingly, constant education and information of the community is necessary in order to solve this problem. Children with developmental disabilities have the same needs and expectations from the environment as children of the typical population, and they should be enabled to develop, be educated and be included in the same way as everyone else.
Therefore it is necessary to enable closer contacts and joint activities with the widest possible social milieu, in order to become familiar with the specifics of this category of students, which will awaken the awareness that diversity should not be a stumbling block, but to accept it and open minds to new experiences.

This brings us to the most important aspect of this project, which is the creation of such a climate that will lead to the empowerment of students with developmental disabilities, where they will feel free to express their potential and where the emphasis is placed on their abilities, not their shortcomings.
Inclusion means that all children, without distinction or exception, are maximally included in social processes. Inclusion as a form of educational practice differs greatly in the school systems of different countries, so this project will contribute to the introduction of different ways of implementing it and to mutual support in finding new ideas in order to raise this form of education to a higher level.
This project would enable children with developmental disabilities and other form of difficulties, such as languages, to enrich their life experience by getting to know other cultures and to connect with peers from partner countries, and thus see that they are not alone, that there are peers in the environment who face the same problems.

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