Our Partners In This Project

“Primary School Sveti Sava”

The main activity of the school is the education of pupils with disabilities.

“1 st Junior High School of Didymoteicho”

The 1st Didymoteicho High School was founded in the 70s and initially operated as a boys' high school.

” Jane Sandanski”

Strumica records its sprouts of high school education in the first decade of the 20th century. In 1944, ASNOM made the decision to open schools for high school education in the cities of the Republic of Macedonia.

“Constantin Păunescu“

The aim of the ”Elena Cuza” National College is to provide children with the education and social skills needed for an ever changing world.

“The Secondar School No. 1”

A child is a flower, and a teacher can be a good gardener, or an individual who through carelessness destroys what is good and beautiful in it. By teaching others we form ourselves, because every gardener must be judged by the fruit of his labor.


Istituto Comprensivo “Giosuè Borsi”

The Istituto Comprensivo Borsi recognizes the centrality of the user and intends to offer its own students a path aimed at encouraging the development

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